Past Projects: Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide (2001–15)

ncaw home pageFrom 2001 to 2015, I worked on one of the field’s first online scholarly journals, Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide, published by Association of Historians of Nineteenth-Century Art (AHNCA). Over the following twelve years, I produced twenty-six issues of NCAW for AHNCA, as the landscape of what became known as “digital humanities” shifted markedly. For example, what began as a website made up of static HTML pages was transformed in 2009 into a dynamic website built in the content management system Joomla.

In 2011, I worked with the Managing Editor of NCAW, Petra ten-Doesschate Chu, to secure a grant from the Mellon Foundation in support of a digital publishing and research initiative. Our primary objective in applying for this grant was to maximize the potential of our online publication format.

Fletcher and Israel, London Gallery Project (detail)
Pamela Fletcher and David Israel, London Gallery Project map (detail). Featured in Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide, Autumn 12.

For the first four articles in the series, titled “Digital Humanities and Art History,” I served as project manager and publication developer.* I guided authors from conceptualization to the production of their scholarship and advised them as they consider various digital tools in search of those that best correspond to the particular research questions they are investigating. I also helped them consider questions of methodology related to emerging fields such as social network analysis, geographic information systems, and 3D imaging. Together with these scholars and technical specialists, I confronted issues related to using programs such as Gephi or ArcGIS as research tools and presenting the results of this research in an online publishing environment.

Under the capable leadership of journal editors and founders Chu and Gabriel P. Weisberg, NCAW continues to innovate in the field of digital art historical scholarship, maintaining its excellent reputation in the field of nineteenth-century art history.

* Elizabeth Buhe took over as project manager and Allan McLeod as publication developer for the last two DHAH articles.

Related Publications

Emily Pugh, with Elizabeth Buhe and Petra Chu. “Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide’s ‘Digital Humanities and Art History’: Reflections on Our First Articles.” Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide 15, no 1 (2015).

Lindsay Harris and Luke Hollis (primary authors), with Emily Pugh, Lavinia Ciuffa, and Maria Sole Fabri (secondary authors). “Imagining a Nation’s Capital: Rome and the John Henry Parker Photography Collection, 1864–1879”Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide 14, no 1 (2015).

Therese O’Malley and Kathryn R. Barush (primary authors), with Emily Pugh, Jessica Ruse, and Courtney Tompkins (secondary authors). “‘In the Park’: Lewis Miller’s Chronicle of American Landscape at Mid-Century.” Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide 12, no 2 (2013).

As publication developer and project manager:
Jacqueline Marie Musacchio (primary author), with Jenifer Bartle and David McClure (secondary authors), assisted by Kalyani Bhatt. “Mapping the ’White, Marmorean Flock‘: Anne Whitney Abroad, 1867–1868.” Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide 13, no 2 (2014).

Recipient of the 2015 Article Prize, Nineteenth Century Studies Association
Elizabeth Buhe (primary author), with David Eisenberg, Nicholas Fischer, and Daniel Suo (secondary authors). “Sculpted Glyphs: Egypt and the Musée Charles X.”  Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide 13, no 1 (2014).

Recipient of the 2015 ARIAH Prize for Online Publication
Pamela Fletcher and Anne Helmreich (primary authors) with David N. Israel and Seth Erickson (secondary authors).“Local/Global: Mapping the London Art Market.” Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide 12, no 1 (2012).


Publishing Art History Digitally: The Present and Future, Institute of Fine Arts, NYU, October 14–15, 2016
Co-convener, with Petra ten-Doesschate Chu (Seton Hall University) and Elizabeth Buhe (Institute of Fine Arts, NYU)

Panel Co-Chair, with Petra ten-Doesschate Chu: “Art Historical Scholarship and Publishing in the Digital World”
2015 College Art Association Annual Conference; New York, NY

Art History Online: Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide’s Digital Research and Publishing Initiative
(Panel: Publishing Online)
Archives of American Art, Washington DC; American Art History and Digital Scholarship: New Avenues of Exploration: November 15–16, 2013

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